Wholesome World of Sounds, Reactions, and Endless Cuddles


Little Live Pets is a popular line of interactive, animal-themed toys created by the Australian company Moose Toys. These toys are designed to simulate the experience of having a pet by offering features such as sound and touch sensors, realistic movements, and interactive play. The Little Live Pets collection includes various animals, such as birds, turtles, hamsters, and kittens, which can respond to touch, make sounds, and even interact with each other.

Hot Product

Little Live Pets My Puppy Interactive Plush Toy & Kennel. 

  • Little Live Pets – My Puppy’s Home allows children to make a home that’s magical – it delivers the cutest surprise in the form of an adorable pet puppy!
  • My Puppy’s Home comes as a flat pack with all the tools and parts needed to construct a cute little puppy’s home.
  • Fill puppy’s water bowl and see cute little paw prints magically appear on the welcome mat!
  • Name your puppy & attach its name to the front of the house, open the door to see that a puppy has magically arrived!
  • There are 1 of 2 puppies to discover! Will you get the puppy with brown or blonde fur? Blue or brown eyes? A red or green collar?
  • Your puppy is so playful and interactive with more than 25 sounds and reactions! It reacts to your touch and its toy bone!
  • Repeat the fun of building & the surprise arrival again and again!


A Review Of Little Live Pets

This product is sturdy and well designed. I was impressed with the attention to details. It was easy to put together for me after the first time but she could put it back together herself with guidance. She liked banging the nails even though you can push them it. The dog fur is soft. The hard mechanism inside is in the belly. No moving parts in the limbs. The head has a “skull” The sound is not too loud and it turns off automatically.

The only negative thing is with the water bowl. It doesn’t secure to the house.

Opening the box was a challenge. Lots of tabs to pry up. I wanted to put it back in the box after i got the instruction book.

I think this toy was well worth the price and I highly recommend this if you want a well built toy with a limited number of parts that will entertain your child.

Interactive Cuddles: Bonding Through Play

Encourage interactive cuddles as little ones bond with their plush puppy. Whether it’s a comforting snuggle or playful moments of petting and laughter, this toy fosters a special connection between children and their pretend furry friend, nurturing empathy and a sense of responsibility in the most delightful way.

Perfect Gift for Pet-Loving Hearts: Wrap Up the Puppy Love

Searching for the perfect gift for pet-loving hearts? The Little Live Pets My Puppy Interactive Plush Toy & Kennel is the answer. Wrap up the puppy love and gift children the joy of having their very own interactive and cuddly companion, complete with a cozy kennel for endless imaginative play. ✨

Conclusion: Little Live Pets My Puppy – Where Sounds, Reactions, and Cuddles Unite

The Little Live Pets My Puppy Interactive Plush Toy & Kennel isn’t just a toy; it’s where sounds, reactions, and cuddles unite. With lifelike puppy play, a cozy kennel for pretend pet-keeping, a focus on interactive cuddles, the perfect gift potential, and the promise of creating heartwarming moments, this set invites children to embark on a journey of love and companionship with their adorable plush puppy.