Purina ONE True Instinct Cat Food for your Kitty during Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an ideal opportunity to stock up on pet supplies for less, including Purina ONE True Instinct cat food. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing this cat food deal during the sale.

High Protein Recipe

Purina ONE True Instinct cat food features a high protein recipe made with real meat as the first ingredient. The recipes mimic what cats hunt in the wild by featuring specific protein sources that match their natural prey – like chicken, turkey and salmon.

  • Chicken Recipe: First ingredient is deboned chicken
  • Salmon Recipe: Contains wild Alaskan salmon
  • Turkey Recipe: Features real turkey as the #1 ingredient

Whole Prey Nutrition

The whole prey nutrition in Purina ONE True Instinct aims to match what cats need, featuring nutrients found in the: body, organs and bones of prey.

  • Protein for muscle & tissue development
  • Taurine for heart & eye health
  • DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids for brain & vision support

Life Stage Recipes

Purina ONE True Instinct offers recipes for all life stages of cats:

  • Kitten: for growth & development
  • Adult: for maintenance of lean muscles
  • Mature: with added joint support for senior cats

Variety of Formats

You have the choice of several formats:

  • Crunchy kibble for cleaning teeth & gums while eating
  • Tender morsels combines crunchy kibbles & soft moist pieces
  • Pate for easy digestion & cats who have trouble chewing crunchy food

So check out Purina ONE True Instinct cat food deals this Amazon Prime Day and stock up on the real meat cat food your furry friend deserves.

Feed Your Feline’s Inner Nature with Instinct, Now 20-30% Off for Prime Day

Instinct makes high-protein, grain-free cat food guided by nature. Their recipes rely on natural ingredients and high meat content to provide complete nutrition inspired by your cat’s ancestral diet. For Prime Day, Instinct is offering exclusive deals on their signature Raw Boost and Ultimate Protein cat food formulas so you can fuel your feline’s health at wallet-friendly prices.

High-Protein, Grain-Free Nutrition

Instinct cat food is made with 95% meat, fish or fowl as the first ingredient. Their Limited Ingredient Diet, Raw Boost and Ultimate Protein recipes are all high-protein, completely grain-free and made in the USA with non-GMO, natural ingredients. For digestive and dental health, Instinct also offers wet pouches and dry kibble in a variety of flavors your cat will love.

Healthy, Holistic Ingredients

Instinct uses only the highest quality, most digestible real meat, fish and egg proteins as the foundation for superior nutrition. Their cat food is formulated with lentils, chickpeas and vegetables instead of grains. Essential oils, fruits and vegetables provide natural sources for key vitamins and nutrients. With no fillers, byproducts or artificial additives, Instinct cat food is guided by nature for your cat’s long-term wellbeing.

Made for Any Age or Breed

Instinct offers recipes tailored for kittens, adult cats and senior cats. Their Limited Ingredient Diet formulas are gentle for sensitive digestive systems and allergies. Instinct’s Raw Boost and Ultimate Protein products provide balanced nutrition for any breed with higher daily activity or metabolism. With Instinct, you have options for life stages, lifestyles and health needs to keep cats at optimum wellness at any age.

Prime Day Savings for Healthier, Happier Felines

For Prime Day, Instinct is offering the following deals on their cat food:

  • Instinct Raw Boost Cat Food – 25% off, starting at $24.99
  • Instinct Ultimate Protein Cat Food – 30% off, starting at $31.49
  • Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Treats – 20% off, starting at $5.59

Your cat’s health and happiness starts with superior nutrition. Instinct cat food provides high-protein, natural recipes inspired by a raw meaty diet for strong bodies and sharp minds at any stage of life. Seize the opportunity to save on vet-recommended Instinct cat food this Prime Day. Satisfy your feline’s inner instinct for less today and take pride in the health and vitality that follows.

Optimize Your Pet’s Nutrition with Instinct Raw and Healthy Pet Food on Amazon Prime Day

Food as Nature Intended

Instinct Pet Food provides raw, freeze-dried and high-protein kibble using real, whole ingredients to nourish your cat or dog naturally. Their recipes are crafted to mirror the diets of pets’ wild ancestors through quality meats, non-GMO fruits and vegetables and essential supplements. For Amazon Prime Day, save 30% on Instinct raw, natural and healthy pet food.

The First Raw Coated Kibble

Instinct blends freeze-dried raw meat with dry kibble in their Originals recipes. Their “Raw Coated” pieces provide naturally healthy raw nutrition plus the crunchy texture of kibble for balanced whole-food eating in every bite.

Responsibly and Sustainably Sourced

Instinct uses only non-GMO, natural and organic ingredients from trusted sources. All of their meats are sustainably and humanely raised without added hormones or antibiotics. For the health of your pet and the planet, Instinct delivers transparent nutrition.

Essential Nutrients for Vitality

Instinct supplements their whole-food recipes with guaranteed amounts of natural Omega fatty acids, glucosamine, pro-biotics and antioxidants for complete wellness in every bowl. Feed Instinct diets with confidence knowing they provide everything your pet needs to thrive.

Save 30% on Prime Day

Find deals on Instinct Original, Ultimate Protein and Limited Ingredient Diet recipes for cats and dogs. Save 30% on their natural raw-coated kibble, high-protein kibble, and freeze-dried raw coated pieces. On Prime Day, choose pet nutrition as Nature intended with Instinct healthy pet food.

Raw Nutrition. Healthier Dogs and Cats.

Instinct Pet Food crafts raw, natural and healthy diets to nurture your pet from the inside out. Their transparent recipes and whole-food ingredients nourish with every bite. Save 30% on Prime Day for raw and responsibly sourced Instinct formulas that unleash your pet’s inner instinct for a lifetime of vitality and wellbeing. For nutrition that transforms life, feed Instinct.