Purina ONE True Instinct Cat Food for your Kitty during Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an ideal opportunity to stock up on pet supplies for less, including Purina ONE True Instinct cat food. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing this cat food deal during the sale.

High Protein Recipe

Purina ONE True Instinct cat food features a high protein recipe made with real meat as the first ingredient. The recipes mimic what cats hunt in the wild by featuring specific protein sources that match their natural prey – like chicken, turkey and salmon.

  • Chicken Recipe: First ingredient is deboned chicken
  • Salmon Recipe: Contains wild Alaskan salmon
  • Turkey Recipe: Features real turkey as the #1 ingredient

Whole Prey Nutrition

The whole prey nutrition in Purina ONE True Instinct aims to match what cats need, featuring nutrients found in the: body, organs and bones of prey.

  • Protein for muscle & tissue development
  • Taurine for heart & eye health
  • DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids for brain & vision support

Life Stage Recipes

Purina ONE True Instinct offers recipes for all life stages of cats:

  • Kitten: for growth & development
  • Adult: for maintenance of lean muscles
  • Mature: with added joint support for senior cats

Variety of Formats

You have the choice of several formats:

  • Crunchy kibble for cleaning teeth & gums while eating
  • Tender morsels combines crunchy kibbles & soft moist pieces
  • Pate for easy digestion & cats who have trouble chewing crunchy food

So check out Purina ONE True Instinct cat food deals this Amazon Prime Day and stock up on the real meat cat food your furry friend deserves.