Optimize Your Pet’s Nutrition with Instinct Raw and Healthy Pet Food on Amazon Prime Day

Food as Nature Intended

Instinct Pet Food provides raw, freeze-dried and high-protein kibble using real, whole ingredients to nourish your cat or dog naturally. Their recipes are crafted to mirror the diets of pets’ wild ancestors through quality meats, non-GMO fruits and vegetables and essential supplements. For Amazon Prime Day, save 30% on Instinct raw, natural and healthy pet food.

The First Raw Coated Kibble

Instinct blends freeze-dried raw meat with dry kibble in their Originals recipes. Their “Raw Coated” pieces provide naturally healthy raw nutrition plus the crunchy texture of kibble for balanced whole-food eating in every bite.

Responsibly and Sustainably Sourced

Instinct uses only non-GMO, natural and organic ingredients from trusted sources. All of their meats are sustainably and humanely raised without added hormones or antibiotics. For the health of your pet and the planet, Instinct delivers transparent nutrition.

Essential Nutrients for Vitality

Instinct supplements their whole-food recipes with guaranteed amounts of natural Omega fatty acids, glucosamine, pro-biotics and antioxidants for complete wellness in every bowl. Feed Instinct diets with confidence knowing they provide everything your pet needs to thrive.

Save 30% on Prime Day

Find deals on Instinct Original, Ultimate Protein and Limited Ingredient Diet recipes for cats and dogs. Save 30% on their natural raw-coated kibble, high-protein kibble, and freeze-dried raw coated pieces. On Prime Day, choose pet nutrition as Nature intended with Instinct healthy pet food.

Raw Nutrition. Healthier Dogs and Cats.

Instinct Pet Food crafts raw, natural and healthy diets to nurture your pet from the inside out. Their transparent recipes and whole-food ingredients nourish with every bite. Save 30% on Prime Day for raw and responsibly sourced Instinct formulas that unleash your pet’s inner instinct for a lifetime of vitality and wellbeing. For nutrition that transforms life, feed Instinct.