Natural Instinct: Raw Nutrition For Your Best Friend

Natural Instinct is committed to providing dogs with a species-appropriate diet based on raw, natural whole foods. Their range of raw frozen and freeze-dried dog food options provide 100% natural nutrition without the use of artificial additives. By giving your dog a diet as close as possible to what their ancestors ate, Natural Instinct aims to promote optimal long term health and wellbeing.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Nutrition

All Natural Instinct recipes consist of raw meat, nutritious bone and wholesome vegetables, just as dogs in the wild eat. This high-protein, nutritionally balanced diet is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at all life stages. The recipes deliver a perfect ratio of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organs plus natural supplements for full and balanced nutrition.

Healthy Skin, Digestion & Coat

A species-appropriate raw food diet has proven health benefits for many dogs including cleaner teeth and fresher breath, better digestion, and a softer, shinier coat. The rich meat and natural oils provide the building blocks for a smooth, supple coat and promote muscle growth and maintenance. Premium quality, natural ingredients also reduce allergy risks from harsh processing and artificial additives commonly found in commercial dog food.

Convenient Raw Options for Your Lifestyle

Natural Instinct offers a variety of raw dog food options to suit any feeding plan or lifestyle:

  • RAW: Biologically appropriate frozen raw dog food in 1kg chubs
  • FLYERS: Individual frozen raw coated chubs for small or raw-shy dogs
  • Country Banquet: Gently cooked natural dog food with lightly cooked meat and vegetables
  • Nutriberries: Freeze-dried raw dog treats for natural rewards and supplements

For pet parents looking to optimize their dog’s health through fresh, natural nutrition the way nature intended, Natural Instinct supplies the solution. Their range of quality raw and gently cooked dog food options using premium ingredients are naturally hypoallergenic and nourishing for dogs of all breeds and life stages. By feeding as close as possible to your dog’s ancestral diet, you can achieve peak condition and vitality for your cherished companion.

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