Instinct Kitten Food: Grain-Free Nutrition for Growing Cats

Instinct Kitten Food provides high-protein, grain-free nutrition for kittens. Made with real meat as the first ingredient, Instinct kitten recipes offer complete and balanced nutrition for growth and development. With probiotics for digestive health and natural DHA for brain and eye development, Instinct kitten food nourishes kittens from the inside out. For natural, protein-packed nutrition to fuel your kitten’s growth, choose Instinct.

High-Protein Recipes with Real Meat

Instinct Kitten Food features high-protein, meat-first recipes to support muscle growth in kittens. The first ingredient in Instinct Original Kitten and Instinct Ultimate Protein Kitten is real meat like chicken, duck or fish. With up to three times more meat than other brands, Instinct provides high animal-based protein to build strong, lean bodies. Your kitten gets high-quality nutrition in every bite. 🐱

Grain-Free Nutrition

Instinct Kitten Food is made without grain, corn, wheat, soy or by-products. Grain-free nutrition is highly digestible for kittens and reduces excess carbohydrates. instinct’s grain-free recipes are naturally gluten-free and contain digestible carb sources like chickpeas, peas and tapioca. Your kitten gets complete nutrition from natural, whole food ingredients. 🐱

Supports Healthy Growth

Instinct Kitten Food provides nutrients to support proper growth in kittens. High levels of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA from fish oil promote brain, eye and nervous system development. Calcium and phosphorus build strong bones and teeth.Antioxidants including vitamins C and E, lutein and beta-carotene support a healthy immune system.Balanced minerals, vitamins and electrolytes meet all AAFCO nutritional standards so your kitten gets a steady nutritional foundation from their first bite. For nutritional building blocks in every bowl, feed your kitten Instinct.🐱

Instinct Kitten Food is nutrition nature intended for growing kittens. High-protein, grain-free recipes provide natural, balanced nutrition from whole foods. With up to three times more real meat than other brands and natural DHA for healthy eye and brain development, Instinct fuels strong, lean body growth in kittens.Digestive support including prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes aid gut health, while natural ingredients nurture mind and body. For natural, protein-packed fuel to build a lifetime of health from the first bite, feed your kitten Instinct – nutritional building blocks for natural vitality. Your kitten grows strong, from natural goodness in every grain-free bite. 🐱

Instinct Dog Food: Natural Nutrition By Nature

Instinct dog food provides high-protein, grain-free nutrition using only natural, whole ingredients. By crafting kibble and canned dog food formulas with real meat, fish or fowl as the first ingredient, Instinct nourishes your dog naturally. High-quality animal proteins provide essential amino acids for lean muscle, while supplements like probiotics, omegas and antioxidants support health and wellness from the inside out. So whether caring for a growing puppy or hardworking adult dog, Instinct dog food unleashes the inner instinct for vitality.

Raw Coated Kibble & Freeze-Dried Meals

Instinct offers grain-free kibble and canned dog food coated in real, freeze-dried raw meat, fish or eggs for natural flavor that dogs crave. Their Raw Bites and Originals recipes provide balanced, complete nutrition with up to three times more animal-based protein from meat vs. grain-based. For 100% raw nutrition, Instinct also offers freeze-dried dog food meal mixers and formulas to rotate into your pet’s diet.

Limited Ingredients & Probiotics

Instinct’s Limited Ingredient Diet dog food uses one animal protein source, gentle carb and essential supplements to simplify meals for dogs with food sensitivities. Real meat or fish make up at least 90% of each Limited Ingredient recipe. Probiotic formulas also support gut health and digestion with ingredients like pumpkin, sunchoke and montmorillonite clay. Their vitamin E and flaxseed provide omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

Antioxidants, Omegas & Health Support

Instinct dog food incorporates natural sources of glucosamine for joint health, antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, omega-3s from flaxseed or menhaden fish oil and DHA for brain development in puppies. Their Mobility Support recipe uses high natural glucosamine and chondroitin levels to target joint health. For weight management, Instinct Healthy Weight uses L-carnitine and protein to satisfy hunger.

With Instinct, nutrition becomes natural and tailored to your dog’s inner nature. Their high-protein, grain-free kibble and canned dog food leverage real meat, fish or fowl, supplements and essential nutrients to nourish from within. Here is dog food crafted to unleash the instinct for thriving—just open, pour and watch your pet unleash their inner energy, vitality and zest for life. This is wellness by nature, Instinct within.

Overall, Instinct crafts natural dog food using the highest, real-meat nutrition. High-protein kibble, freeze-dried dog food and canned recipes are grain-free, boosted with supplements and tailored to your dog’s needs. For grain sensitivities, digestive health, weight management, mobility or simply wellness by nature, Instinct provides. Natural energy, health and vitality unleashed—experience nutrition now for your pet’s lifetime wellbeing. Instinct: within lies a thriving, natural world of wellness.